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Disney offers a paid internship program for college students at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and Walt Disney Resort in the Orlando, Florida, area. Candidates interested in applying for the Disney College Program can apply online. The program is open to both U.S. residents and applicants from outside the United States.

This program operates during the school year; the Disney College Program is not available during summer months only. Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age and have an unrestricted work authorization.

The Disney College Program is open to students studying any major. If a person accepted into the College Program is receiving financial aid, they will need to consult with advisors at their school to find out what effect the paid internship will have on the level of assistance they can receive.

Disney staff conducts presentations at schools in California and Florida each spring and fall. Prospective interns have the opportunity to view a presentation designed to provide more detailed information about the program. Interviews can be conducted immediately or a short time after the presentation, either by phone or in person.

In addition to working at a Disney resort, College Program interns also have the opportunity to take courses for both personal and professional development. Interns are hired to work in food service, guest accommodations, stores, attractions, and other employment roles.

A person accepted into the College Program can customize their experience working at Disney to reflect their learning goals and interests. Disney consults with the intern’s school to try to determine how the intern can get college credit for participating in the Program.

Senior Disney employees share their work experience to help the intern gain an appreciation for career paths available at the company. Computers, books, venture capital malaysia and videos are also made available to the student as part of the learning process.

Professional internships are offered to recent college graduates as well. Being accepted to this program offers some definite perks, including discounts on food and beverages, free admission to Disney theme parks, and invitations to staff social events. People who are interested in being considered for one of these opportunities can apply online through the Walt Disney website.

An example of one of the professional internships offered by Disney is the Operations Management Training Program. This is a full time, paid internship that includes training in leadership skills, project management, and business operations. The intern will have on the job training as well as classroom instruction.

The Program starts in January each year; applications are accepted in September for the following January. To be eligible, applicants must have completed a four-year program offered by a college or university within the previous 10 months. A person who has accepted a job with Disney is not eligible to participate in the Professional Intern Program.

Due to the nature of Disney resort’s business, preference is given to applicants who have successfully completed programs in Travel and Tourism, Leisure Studies, Communications, Hotel/Restaurant Management, or Retail/Merchandise Management.

A Professional Intern will be working in the program for a period of between five and seven months. They will need to find their own accommodation while participating in the program, and must have a reliable vehicle to drive to and from work.

If working in the hospitality industry is of interest to you, you may want to consider applying for a paid internship position at Disney. It’s a great way to get some practical experience in your area of study, and you will have the opportunity to show the management at the company that you are an excellent candidate for a full-time Disney job.