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Is it just for Super Recruiters? Sorry for the stupid question,…

m0dcm No such thing a stupid question Dave. Yes this is just for the Super Recruiters.

rory_gg Cheers for that clarification! It’s a shame, but we all need an incentive ?

m0dcm You only need 15 activations to get become an SR, then you’ll be eligible for such incentives. You can do it. 😉

rory_gg I’ve done 7 I think over the last few years, Nah my incentives are based on different ways, good luck to the SR’s though who sign up…. The force is strong!




I RECRUITED OVER 20 THIS PAST MONTH!! I however do not understand the rewards scheme. please explain. I was under the impression that they get 10 GBP and do their activation. After which I get 10 GBP back. Where did all my credit/ money go? I cant see it on my account or refunded back to my credit card. Half or more had to be activated using vouchers because my card kept being blocked by giffgaff when activating for the customers their goody bags. How can i find out how much I have to come. all were activated by JAN 31 2020 as per the offer.


Hi, I applied but I didn’t get the email. Is it because there is a limited number of spots or I just didn’t receive the email? Thank you.

@rory_gg Cheers for changing the title also, saves anyone else who hasn’t hit the magical 15 activations to try and sign up for this. My appologies if I seemed a little off before, 12 month old sleeping pattern with teething is all over the place, and this insomniac is just getting to bed once more!!

I doubt I’ll ever get to the 15 activations, but to those who are good sales people unlike myself who are more Tech based and none leader like, I say Best of luck, and enjoy the ride!!

Keep the giffgaff flag flying, I’ll do my best in the helping of others in the community….

m0dcm You didn’t seem off at all so don’t worry. Although I can see you have a very good excuse to be so ?. I know it’s 12 months late but congratulations. I’m sure the lack of sleep is worth it ?.

Re: Getting the 15 activations: It can be easy if you love giffgaff as you seem to do. It is just getting what you love about giffaff across to your close friends and family and Venture capital malaysia I’m sure you’ll find that they’ll love us too for similar reasons. The free credit helps too ?. Even better yet we have a great promo on right now with even more credit:


Before I joined giffgaff I got the 15 activations by firstly recruiting my Mum, Dad, my brother and two sisters and before I knew it, I was a third of the way there. Then I spoke to my work colleagues and friends who just love the run by you ethos.

Best wishes,



Hi Supers,

Happy Fri-yay!

Thank you all to who registered their detail for this. You should all receive your invitations (login links) by the end of today. If you don’t make sure to check your Junk and Spam folders in case the email was diverted there.

We wont close this offer as we still have accounts available but as the trial ends on the 11th February I’d advise those who want a login but haven’t registered details yet, to do so now.

Have a lovely weekend!

Stay Super,


rory_gg Yeah I love giffgaff, and I enjoy helping, but being an Englishman in South Wales, and the only people I really know are my ex-wife, her partner, my girlfriend, and back on the Midlands I bought my Dad and late Mom over and my first ex-wife and a friend. Those last few were 2013/14. My partner wants the kiddos to bring her brother over, so I’m stuck in the middle. It’s where I’m going to be for a while I’m afraid, 15 right out of my reach.

I’ll keep helping in the way that I am doing it’s what I enjoy doing, and taking photos of course ?

oooh – sounds like a great opportunity. And the simplest application I have ever come across. Fingers crossed!

Yikes – just read more of the comments and seen its only for existing super recruiters. I’m not there yet so I guess my name isn’t in the frame. Please ignore my request. I’ll have to try harder!

I use to have a membership to the training portal Lynda.com many years ago and I recall LinkedIn acquired that domain a few years ago. Would be interesting to see what changes LinkedIn have been made since.

So, I’m in

EDIT -Please remember this is only a trial for 3 Months and thereafter its nearly £25.00 per month, so remember to cancel if you don’t want to be charged.

windoze9t8 That’s answered my question then, and the reason to why the video tutorials are really good! I’m enjoying the learning, I’m cramming in as much as I can before February 12th!


windoze9t8 Hi – thanks for that. I hadn’t realised. We actually have to cancel it do we?


Good for you m0dcm I would certain be doing the same in the 12 weeks. The resource is useful. I recall now the ongoing cost is why I didn’t opt in the first time round.

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Just started using this and its AMAZING! I was a bit dubious as it asked me a load of questions then gave me suggestions which were nothing to do with what I had just outlined as my interests. But I searched and have found at least 20 videos relevant to what I need to learn about. This is going to be worth its weight in gold!



Looks like an excellent opportunity.



rory_gg I have enrolled. Thanks for the opportunity.


I know I am repeating myself but this training is REALLY GOOD – you would be mad not to take up the opportunity. I am having to learn Adobe Premiere for work as my old video editing package wasn’t up to the job. And this LinkedIn is so thorough I think if I did every module I cold lecture on it by the end!

Thanks so much for the opportunity giffgaff

Come on Super Recruiters – sign up! Its not just about team leadership skills, management training etc. There is really practical (interesting ) stuff on there too. When I have finished what I need to do for work i am going to see what they offer on Photography – my hobby.


woolcos I’m going through the Photography videos and I’ve ashtray learnt more than just point and shoot ? I’m also going through the Linux videos and have learnt a few new tricks so I don’t upset the families viewing while streaming from the server! The whole thing is great and I’d recommend this to all!