Addiction to Fame and Celebrity


Obesity and being overweight are also issues that confront Hollywood celebrities. Being overweight is not just a matter of not being in top physical form. For famous actors and singers, it can even cause the loss of an acting job or a recording contract. Aside from a discussion about celebrity diets, the article also cites some of the reasons why these fads do not work for “regular” people. The article also presents alternative means to lose weight such as the use of a weight loss pill.

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The problem of obesity and being overweight afflicts millions of people around the world. No wonder, the preparation and marketing of diet and fitness programs have become a billion-dollar industry. But perhaps there is no other group of people that is more concerned about weight loss than those in the entertainment industry. In a job where a few extra pounds can cause an actor to lose a movie role, the use of weight loss programs and other fitness fads has become a necessity. In fact, being on a diet is already a given for actors in Hollywood.

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But for the most part, their physical image is the commodity that is bought by an eager public that follows their every movie or song. Some fans even copy their movie idols hairstyle or way of dressing. That is why it should be no surprise why the icons of Hollywood spend large sums of money to look good via natural means such as exercise, or through artificial methods such as botox injections and face lifts.

Jessica Alba, the famous star from the t.v. series, Dark Angel, may be the earliest dieter in Hollywood. Starting when she was 12 years old, Jessica Alba says that her breakfast consisted only of egg whites and fruits. She added that she usually ate salad for lunch and vegetables or chicken for dinner.

You bet. This, by far, is their predominant drive. Being famous encompasses a few important functions: it endows the narcissist with power, provides him with a constant Source of Narcissistic Supply (admiration, adoration, approval, awe), and fulfils important Ego functions.

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