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The complaint against the foreign intelligence service, the BND, came after a law was changed allowing the agency, brown deck shoes mens boat shoes navigator deck shoes starting in 2017, to collect and evaluate communications from foreigners abroad without having to provide legal justification.

In a statement issued via the Berlin-based European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, Snowden said he hoped the decision would set an example to other states and lead to the development of international standards banning systems of mass surveillance.

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The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe agreed, ruling that the law must be redrawn by the end of 2021 at the latest, saying it was a violation both of Germany´s telecommunication privacy regulations and its protections of the freedom of the press.

In the complaint, navigator deck shoes Reporters Without Borders, Germany´s GFF civil rights association, helmsman deck shoes freemantle deck shoes maderia deck shoes as well as several journalists and others argued that blanket telecommunications surveillance meant that German reporters, maderia deck shoes and cutter deck shoes others, working with colleagues in other countries could also be spied upon, deck shoes sale in violation of the constitution.

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Stephan Harbarth, Chairman of the Senate at the Federal Constitutional Court and President of the Court, holds a document as he announces the ruling on the BND’s powers of surveillance abroad at the court in Karlsruhe, Germany, Tuesday, May 19, 2020. Germany’s highest court has ruled that regulations allowing Germany’s foreign intelligence service to monitor the communications of reporters working abroad and others violate the country’s constitution and must be changed.

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