David Blaine: The Magic Way introduces his talented daughter Dessa

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‘I’ve been social distancing and navigator deck shoes self quarantining for days now, ladies deck shoes not that i feel sick, just doing my part in taking the precautions to make sure everyone stays safe,’ began the star as she was seen cooking in her kitchen.

Magician David Blaine returned to primetime television with a new ABC special The Magic Way, but it just may have been his nine-year-old daughter Dessa that stole the show that was chocked full of celebrities.

Blaine then shows Anderson Paak a trick how to unlock his phone, riviera deck shoes dividing a bahamas deck shoes of cards into four piles before mixing them together… with only five cards face up in the san diego deck shoes… which equates to the code to unlock the phone of Paak’s friend.

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He then instructs AD and LeBron to hold his wrists, so he can’t perform any sleight of hand, asking the players to eliminate suits as he narrows it down to only the hearts, with all the other suits disappearing.

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