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LinkedIn without doubt has risen to the top networking business site for making the fastest lead connections. Now LinkedIn has its business networking social connections taken to a new level by implementing proven sales lead training and workshops. LinkedIn plus training means profitable sales to business connections with more quality networking leads than you can handle. See how it works.

When I first heard the terms social networks, and business networking connections I had the wrong impression. How could a business sales person develop selling opportunities on a site full of teenagers plastering pictures and latest personal social comments? Obviously, I had a lot to learn. Besides MySpace, the large social networking sites of Twitter, and Face Book seemed hard to make viable business connections. On these sites developing sales leads were not a profitable way of spending time.

I searched and found LinkedIn, which appeared to be a potential sales person’s dream possibility. There were groups to join around certain occupations or similar job descriptions. For example, inserting the term “insurance” it shows over 200 groups with at least 100 members connected with various insurance industry positions to review. I could join a business group, and upon acceptance invite people to connect with me, where I saw a possible future lead to a business network sale. Top networking connections built up fast but I was a little lost and confused.

36% of the hundreds of thousands of people with personal biographies on LinkedIn are key business decision makers. I concentrate on these 36% in certain professions, and email enhanced invites to connect with me. A person could respond to a request to connect in one of three ways. The choices are “accept”, “I don’t know this person”, and “archive”. Around one of three of my invites read my bio and personally agrees to make the network connection. After this, I have an email address to freely communicate.

Suddenly my building enterprise halted. I got the dreaded notice from LinkedIn. I could no longer send normal invites out, because a handful of people clicked “I don’t know this person.” Because email addresses are not exposed, I could now only email group members requesting they invite me to connect. The fast lead connections slowed to a less rapid pace.

LinkedIn, upon joining their social business networking site never clearly explains the rules. I am sure hundreds of thousand of other sales professionals are caught in the too easy, too unreasonable trap.

At this point, I happened to make a connection with Lyndle Savage, Sr. the Vice President of business development at Integrated Alliances. Integrated Alliances is responsible for helping individuals like me learn all the advantages of business networking connections before falling into the traps. Looking at the website, I noticed their keywords were fittingly listed as training, workshops, webinars, coaching, consulting, and social networking.

“LinkedIn is for business what MySpace is for socializing,” was one of the comments given to me by Lyndle Savage, Sr. Like me, Mr. Savage agreed that sales people or anyone selling a concept has to understand there are suspects, prospects, and leads. His organization presents how to use this great network to develop top network connection prospects and turn them into business leads fast. This is exactly the type of critical information that I personally could not find while on the networking site.

I knew the great potential, but was stuck. Lyndle suggested I visit the Integrated Alliances website to see for venture capital malaysia (visit the next document) myself how my roadblocks can be removed, and make my network experience rewarding at a faster rate. Lazily I asked him for some quick information. Lyndle said that even most users of LinkedIn with over 1,000 connections do not have a plan for putting this value resource to use. His perspective is that making an effective bio profile and proper networking building is essential. That is the reason his services are experiencing high demand.

Inquiring about the services of Integrated Alliances I found out there were low cost webinars for busy business people. Over a dozen different training courses are presented that include specific sales, marketing, and recruiting profile-building workshops. Also courses, webinars, and workshops are given from a true user perspective.

This perspective is in contrast to what LinkenIn networking initially projects. On the site, you are constantly encouraged to make connections and more connections. You can even send invites to people who went to your college, and you conveniently receive their names. On the other hand, you could be reprimanded by a few invites that do not even know they are hurting you. The “I don’t know curse” was one of the many items I wished I immediately learned.

You could spend years building your social business network, but why should you? Combining all the resources of making desired connections with user perspective training develops your contact leads fast. The top sales leads usually tend to be the ones you develop yourself. Go it alone, or get professional assistance if you consider yourself a professional.