I Don’t Want Internships?

Just about everyone, especially in this economy, is looking for jobs that make the most money, at least the most money possible for their qualifications. Let’s face it, this economy is making it difficult for even the most educated, qualified, and experienced people to find high paying employment. Every day we hear about unemployment rates, layoffs, corporate bailouts, venture capital (http://huntingtonforeducators.com) and foreclosures. Where there was once job security now seems to be shrinking or non existent.

There are several jobs that pay 100k a year and your best bet would be to check them out right away online. You will be surprised that there are so many unusual and non conventional jobs in this category that making 100K a year is not at all difficult. Jobs in this category are specific and your best way to search them is to look for jobs that pay the salary per year.

The jobs that were considered secure ten years ago are just not secure anymore. Obviously the criteria has changed when you look at recent trends. A 100K per year job is going to require at least a bachelors degree and most likely some form of continued education and licensing, for example the medical profession, which is going to remain pretty solid. There are various management positions that provide 100K plus salaries, depending on your area of interest, be it financial managers, engineering managers, or computer systems managers.

If you are armed with a law degree, you can work for law firm. Many fresh lawyers are making 100K each year and the growth prospects are mind boggling. If you can show your expertise and skills as well as snip through tedious legal problems and cases, you could be in the reckoning for much more salary payment. A career with a law firm can ensure large salaries and many law graduates are on their way in 100K jobs.

As a mining consultant, you would be on the forefront of earning salaries of 100k or even more. The job is laden with inherent risks, but that is also exactly the reason why mining companies pay you so much money. Many mining graduates are earning in that scale as there are jobs that pay 100k a year in mining.

For those with an entrepreneurial flare these could prove to be very profitable times. You see, smart entrepreneurs always find success by paying attention to emerging trends, positioning themselves and their business model in front of them, and then profiting all the way to the bank. There is no cap on income for the savvy entrepreneur who knows that the way to success is to solve people’s problems for a profit.

he internet and technology have completely revolutionized the way business is being done worldwide. The way products and services are rendered and the way that they are advertised. There are huge companies out there that will gladly pay people like you and I instead of some expensive ad agency to advertise them.

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