Juicero is still the greatest example of Silicon Valley stupidity

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But while Juicero is gone, I’m still waiting for another two identical companies to spring up in its place. The first tribute has already arrived: An at-home cold-press juicer out of China called the Julavie, seafarer wellies which launched in 2017 and yachtsman deck shoes kicked off a crowdfunding campaign last month.

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It was as simple as pulling out a “produce pack” (a sachet of prechopped fruits and vegetables), leather deck shoes navigator deck shoes mens deck shoes securing it between the Juicero’s flat squeezing plates and pressing a button to get instant cold-pressed juice.

If my colleagues had tuned back in and leather deck shoes listened to my increasingly wild-eyed juice rants (they didn’t), brown deck shoes mens boat shoes freemantle deck shoes they’d have known I wasn’t just referring to the Juicero machine. I was ruminating on the whole phenomenon, tan deck shoes what Juicero’s final CEO, yachtsman deck shoes Jeff Dunn, called “the sum of the system .”

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