Juicero is still the greatest example of Silicon Valley stupidity

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What household mainstay is going to get a connected makeover next? Is some hacker going to create a botnet out of internet-connected coffee tables? Is my toaster going to stop working because there’s been a global pumpernickel recall? And where does this all end? What will happen if I don’t agree to the privacy policy on my fridge?

Or the fact that Juicero could “remotely disable Produce Packs if there is, for example, a spinach recall.” That value included produce packs that were “calibrated by flavor.” It included the “connected data” that Juicero used to manage its supply chain.

It took a traditional product and added so many bells and brown deck shoes whistles it became an unrecognisable Homer car of unnecessary complications. Juicero was classic Internet of Shit (yes, that Twitter account will change your world).

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That doesn’t make it social,” said Combs. “So we built this to make the audio experience 360 degrees. Those little things to make it better.” It’s got an outdoor mode so it drops the bass when you’re outdoors to make the highs and mids louder. This has the bass you need. “Most speakers are single facing.

Overnight, helmsman deck shoes Juicero turned into the Fyre Festival of the appliance world, universally scorned as a symbol of Silicon Valley hubris and riviera deck shoes the answer to a question everyone realised they maybe, sorta, hadn’t been asking.

“When we founded this company, one of the first things we said before we had a name, before we had a headphone, we went out and wrote a philosophy. A statement of what we believe in. And it starts, ‘We are music lovers committed to changing the world one listener at a time’.

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