Shabaz Chauhdry

Shabaz was another example of dreadful miscasting. The producers were hoping for an older, more extreme version of last year’s Kemal, but what they got instead was a mentally deranged idiot who couldn’t cope with living and interacting with other people. He lasted six days before leaving of his own accord and won’t be missed in the slightest.

Tyron McFarlan is a genuine American hero-a dedicated military serviceman-as well as an imposing stage presence and powerful vocalist. McFarlan takes charge of the 135th Edition of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, commandeering his talented troops and sending them forth to conquer the evil forces of Mundane Monday, Tedious Tuesday, Wearisome Wednesday…In other words, he and his fellow Ringling Bros. performers are Saving The Day From The EverydaySM!

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Not many people can resist a bit of gossip about the celebrities that make the news. Award ceremonies are a great way to see what everyone is wearing and how bad or good they look wearing it. Watching a popular starlet stumble her way to the podium wearing an unflattering dress can lead to weeks of gossip about what not to wear when the cameras are hot and ready. Magazines are filled with the latest fashion mistakes that the stars make when they venture out into public places.

To make the bead and pipe cleaner ornaments, you need common pipe cleaners in desired colors and acrylic beads. Two types of beads are particularly effective when strung on pipe cleaners. One type are called sunburst beads, but are also known as paddlewheel beads, snowflake beads, or starburst beads. These beads have six faceted paddles spaced equally around a center that contains the hole for stringing. When several of these sunburst beads are strung consecutively, they fit against each other in an interlocking pattern.

If you experiment with clear beads and silver pipe cleaners, you can make some beautiful snowflake or star ornaments. Snowflake designs can be twisted of silver pipe cleaner only, without the beads for a simple but pretty decoration.

McFarlan describes his good fortune to be selected as Ringmaster as an occasion to “celebrate life” and looks forward to sharing his excitement with his daughter Nymah, who will visit him on the road throughout the show’s tour.

Lea Walker

Win Odds: 40/1 (Ladbrokes)

Lea has adopted the role of “mother” in the house but is another housemate who could find themselves up for eviction sooner rather than later. She hasn’t done anything to upset the other housemates and has fought their corner when Shabaz was acting appallingly during his short stay. However, she has not formed any real alliances and may find herself picked off within the next few weeks.


Gossip and scandal are everywhere when it comes to stars and celebrities around the world. And no matter how much you deny that you don’t pay attention to celebrity news, how often do you find yourself joining in a hot discussion at work or around the dinner table? Keeping your eye on the stars is one way to amuse yourself and keep smiling.

Fifi Trixibelle (Paula Yates and Bob Geldof)

Moon Unit (Frank and Gail Zappa)

Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin)

Satchel (Mia Farrow and Woody Allen)

Peaches (Paula Yates and Bob Geldof)

Tiger Lily Heavenly Hirani (Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence)

Maddox (adopted by Angelina Jolie)

River (Arlyn and John Phoenix)

Dweezil (Frank/Gail Zappa)

Brooklyn (Victoria/David Beckham)

Zowie (Angie and David Bowie)

Phoenix Chi (Mel C and Jimmy Gulzar)

Banjo (Patrick and Rachel Griffiths)

Chester (Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks)

Cosima (Nigella Lawson)

Daisy Boo (Jamie Oliver)

Dexter (Diane Keaton)

Maddox (Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton)

Racer, Rebel, Rocket (Robert Rodriguez)

Willow (Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith)

Zola (Eddie Murphy)

Christmas ornaments made from ordinary pipe cleaners and inexpensive acrylic beads are very pretty and easy to make. They look quite impressive yet are easy enough for small children to make. This is one Christmas craft idea to use again and again. Older people will enjoy making this Christmas craft, too, which can be varied to make a number of different sparkling ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Dawn Blake

Dawn was ejected from the Big Brother house after eight days but threatened to leave on her own accord shortly after Shabaz walked on day six. She was officially expelled from the house due to receiving “coded communication” from the outside world but was not a particularly popular housemate in any case. She was accused by Nikki, although not to her face, of stinking out everyone elses clothes with her body odour due to not showering for four days.