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If you’re thinking of applying for an internship, Japan is an exciting culture and country which thousands of foreign students have already enjoyed exploring. But agreeing to intern there is a big decision to make. Since you’re not likely to be paid for your work or studies abroad, you will need to have other goals and interests that lead you to accept the internship.

Realistic Expectations

For starters, do some research into life as an intern in Japan. It’s important to enter the experience with realistic expectations, or you may find yourself unexpectedly surprised or disappointed.

You can expect quite a lot of culture shock once you arrive in Japan and it sets in that you are far away from home in a different culture. It doesn’t matter how much research you do, or venture capital ( what you learn about day-to-day life in the area; culture shock should not be underestimated.

Why Intern?

Next you should consider why you want to take an internship in Japan. Some of the most common reasons for foreign students interning abroad include:

* To learn or perfect the Japanese language.

* To immerse themselves in the Japanese culture or arts.

* To gain unique work experience.

* To gain college credit.

* To learn about international business practices.

* To learn to work within different cultures for specific careers.

* To potentially move to Japan and find paid employment.

There has to be something in it for you, even if it is just the satisfaction of exploring a new region of the world. Most people who enjoy their internships in Japan are interested in learning the language or experiencing the culture firsthand.

Personalities & Interests

A sense of adventure and the desire to travel the world is required for an internship in Japan. But before you make the decision, think about why you want to intern there and not anywhere else in the world. If you are interested in the culture, language, and historical background of the Japanese people and desire to learn more about how they live in Japan, you could be the perfect candidate for a successful internship in the country.

Most ideal candidates also have a general interest in foreign culture, or just learning as many new languages as possible. Others have a curious personality, coupled with the opportunity to travel to Japan for work or school credit.

An internship in Japan is not something to take without clear interest in the region. The experience is best suited to those who are open minded and willing to put their full effort into whatever work or studies they find themselves doing. Even if you aren’t compensated financially for your time and efforts, there is a lot to gain in terms of life experience, language, and possibly future work qualifications.

Interning in Japan is an exciting experience as long as you know what to expect. If you have a sincere interest in the culture of the region and an opportunity to apply for an internship, it will be a life changing experience you will never forget.

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