What Google Can Teach You About Wobb Employers

Our contact is with service provider Company.

They provide many types of services.


All type of booking (hotel/air ticket/rail ticket)

All type of delivery (home appliances/food/)

And approx every type of services “marriage / jobs / spirituality / career / business /” they provides.

Every day this service provider company gets 1000 of customer calls. His call center employee

Write customers’ requirements in notepad file.

But this company wants to convert these notepad file into properms excel format.

We required person for 2 months who can convert these entry daily basic.

If call center makes 500 entries in notepad today then they giving you this notepad file today evening.

And you have to return him after convert tomorrow evening.

It’s a part time work and for this you have to give only 2 to 3 hour per day only.


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Managing your job works is more tough than providing job for you. We charge registration fees as our service charge & other administrative charges. These charges includes our daily server usage charge, back office administrative charges, customer support charges, your work file management, monthly payment processing fees, courier charges + fund transfer + paypal transfer charges + Wire Transfer charges for 12 Months etc. So in short you can see it only includes just administrative charges only.

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