You’ll never guess what lies inside this unassuming stone cottage

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The number of spectators was limited today compared to the usual turnout to greet returning carriers as many were unable to attend due to government restrictions on mass gatherings to combat coronavirus.

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Built into a hillside in the town of Rocky Hills on Tasmania’s east coast, windward deck shoes 90km north of Hobart, helmsman bahamas deck shoes cutter deck shoes the two-bedroom, two-bathroom bungalow is fitted with enormous floor-to-ceiling windows which offer unrestricted views of Great Oyster Bay and womens deck shoes the Tasman Sea.

But the seven tech companies accused of opening “back doors” to the spy agency could well be proven innocent. The NSA’s PRISM program is able to collect, in real time, intelligence not limited to social networks and e-mail accounts.

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The ship, which has an identical sister ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth, bahamas deck shoes posted on Twitter: “Continuing to generate our operational capability we have now conducted our first replenishment at sea with RFA Tideforce. In future this will help us to stay on operations for longer.”

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The striking stone front is made from locally sourced materials like burnt spotted gum and yachtsman deck shoes Zincalume, womens deck shoes a blend of metals which protects the house from wild weather conditions, with sub-zero temperatures in winter and mens boat shoes blistering heat over 40 degrees in summer.

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