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If you are considering working in New Zealand as an ODP there are a host of opportunities available to you. You can work in all the major cities such as Auckland, venture capital malaysia Wellington and Christchurch or can you choose to work in the smaller cities and towns around the country. The excellent quality of the healthcare system allows for widespread use of state of the art technology. New Zealand boasts a well developed and advanced healthcare system and ODP’s looking to work here will enjoy this modern environment. The last ten years has seen a rise in the accessibility of protocol, clinical guidelines, evidence based methodology and creative research coming out of New Zealand. It is now widely considered that the clinical practice in this country is as advanced as anywhere else in the Western World.

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Most ODP jobs in New Zealand involve working for either public or private hospitals and a small number are employed by private dental surgeries. You can work throughout the country however most Anaesthetic Technician jobs are held in the main centres of the country where there are more and larger hospitals. Auckland has the highest percentage of ODPs with 36%, Canterbury comes second with 16%, and Waikato and Wellington trail with 12% and 7% respectively. You are not limited to working in the main centres though because ODPs are needed all over the country and the modern healthcare system allows for this expertise in a broader way. The pay involved in this career depends on the amount of experience you have. ODP jobs in New Zealand provide qualified applicants with a more than adequate salary of $40,000 to $54,000 and you may be able to earn more than this if you do shift work or are on call. Those who are in training can expect to earn between $27,000 and $37,000 a year. Senior ODPs who teach trainees or work in specialised areas can earn up to $70,669.

Working in Auckland as an ODP has many advantages. As well as having a modern working environment with a range of highly qualified medical experts you are in close proximity to beautiful beaches, hiking trails and charming holiday islands such as Waiheke and Great Barrier Islands. The sunny climate and diverse culture will make your experience that much more enjoyable and memorable. Wellington also provides a great working environment with a range of top class hospitals to choose from in central locations. The state of the art technology will make your working experience that much easier. Wellington is considered the cultural centre of New Zealand being home to the national museum, Te Papa as well as hosting events like World of Wearable Arts. The school and university opportunities will also provide your family with an excellent education. Christchurch is an excellent place to work as an ODP with many opportunities. It is a beautiful, quaint city and is known for the iconic Avon River and many lovely parks and gardens. People are drawn to this city by its beauty and vibrant culture. The work environment you will experience is top class with modern facilities and support systems in place.