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The newest way in marketing yourself and your business is through social media. The trend of advertising and marketing has been slowly shifting to social media that even big companies like the Pepsi have turned down their news paper ads and yellow page marketing strategy to engage with the trending social media marketing.

But there is a certain problem in trading and marketing your business on the web, and that is credibility.

Credibility is very important and people are having a hard time checking the credibility of another person on the web because they can’t have personal conversation with each other. So, how would you know that the person you are reading about is capable and is able according to the texts which tell about him? Well, you wouldn’t and that is for sure. The only thing that you can consider is the credibility of the website which is the one telling you about the person. Or, if there is such an online community where professional and businessmen like you hang on with then credibility won’t be a bother, isn’t it? Fortunately, there is such an online community where professionals from all the corners of the globe share ideas and information regarding their field of expertise. Where? It’s In LinkedIn. Yes, you have it correctly.

So, how to use LinkedIn in marketing yourself or your business? The first move you would want to take is by building your online profile. Your profile will sell your self and your business. You have to remember that your online profile reflects you. It is your image. It reflects the kind of person you would want yourself to be. The texts and venture capital malaysia the picture that you will include in your profile will determine if you are marketable to other people or not, in other words, you need to make your online profile clear and professional. Second to take is to get connections. Actively participate in whatever discussions that you may have knowledge about. Your goal is not to get applause from other people from different countries but to build relationship with other people having the same niche that you are having. It’s the relationship that truly matters so that you can become marketable to other people and hopefully to the world.

When you have relationships with your connections, you can search for jobs of your desired career or advertise services. It won’t be hard for you to get the trust of those people you don’t personally know because you have built relationships with them. Now, when you are having idea problems with your niche or with your current situation, a lot of experts in the same field with you can share effective opinions and ideas that will help you solve the problem.

This online community is a great source of knowledge. This has been a great place for professionals to gain knowledge and share knowledge. A give and take relationship that builds trust and respect. LinkedIn is the place for professionals to market the best services and products. And that gives you a call to take actions right now.